The journey from Halong Bay to Hanoi takes roughly 3 to 4 hours, along dusty roads and rural towns.  During this journey, much can be seen from the side window of a car - the most common sighting of which is the motorcycle.  For the Vietnamese, the motorcycle (or bicycle) is an important possession - it is the thing that will take you from A to B; to carry huge loads of belongings/goods for sale/supplies for construction/etc; and finally, it is a thing to care for - by which it is meant (in my opinion) that without such a mode of transportation, the Vietnamese cannot go places, cannot interact with others, and certainly cannot accomplish day to day tasks. 

It is not certain how much can be ascertained about a Vietnamese individual's socio-economic circumstance from the way they dress, their bike model, or what it is they are carrying on their bikes; however, it is simply with interest to observe and capture my companions of the road as we pass one another by.   

A photo-documentary of 24 images.

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