May to June 2015.

We talked about doing something different this year, something that was out of our comfort zones.

I brought up India, because you know, people talk about going to that place as some kind of transformative, eye-opening experience of sorts. Folk come back from India putting their palms together and spewing Namastes everywhere like they’d attained enlightenment. I wanted to see if I could get that too.

We knew there was a badass heatwave laying waste to most of the country, so we planned to escape into the mountains.

But then, about 3 weeks into the trip, when we were making most of our bookings, we found out that all the flights up into the mountains were fully booked, and there was some strike with taxis, preventing any land travel up to that place. And we’d already bought our hiking boots and heavy duty backpacks.

So fuck it, we reformulated a plan that saw us diving right into the heart of India, walking right into this wall of heat. These were some of the pictures that came out of that.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t come back changed. But India was fucking beautiful and rough in equal measures. And it was indeed, the adventure I was looking for.

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